The road and the bridge

This site was very important after the Middle Ages and the road and the bridge are located here. In the middle of the 13th century, the municipalities of Agurain, Segura, Ordizia and Tolosa were recognised as towns, a fact that accentuated the importance of this means of communication.

The bridge that we see today was built between the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th. In 1599, next to the bridge, on the side of the wine press, a cross was built in sandstone with the hope that God would protect travellers and to extol Christian values.

The bridge, four centuries old, had obvious structural problems and had to be restored in 2006. It is the only remaining paved road bridge in the valley of the Oria River.


A branch of the Camino de Santiago crosses the bridge and the Friends of the Camino de Santiago Association gives the pilgrims who pass through there a sealed certificate.

Harlosazko zoruaren zehetasunak. Igartzako-zubia 2005 - Aranzadi
Igartzako Zubia - Inaki Erauskin
Igartzako zubia - Inaki erauskin
Igartzako zubia 0. Bi arkuen arteko tajamarra ibaietik ikusita, 2011 - Aranzadi
Igartzako zubia 1, 2017
Igartzako zubia 2. Ibaira jeisteko galtzada, 2009 - Aranzadi
Igartzako zubia 4. Tajamarra galtzadetik ikusita, 2011 - Aranzadi