The chapel of Belén

The chapel of Belén is located by the side of the road that runs in front of the palace. It encouraged the admiration of Our Lady of Bethlehem by travellers and the local people went there to pray to ask for God’s protection. The chapel was built in the 17th century and several centuries later, in the year 2011, it was restored.

At the end of the 20th century the painting of Our Lady of Bethlehem disappeared, and it has been replaced by a work by the painter Clara Gangutia. It is a work of art that, open to multiple interpretations, brings greater meaning to the chapel and complements the heritage that has been preserved for visitors to enjoy.




17th century

Our Lady of Bethlehem Chapel

17th century


The town council begins restoration work

Belengo ermita  Iñaki Erauskin
Belengo ermita
Emakume bat bere umeari bularra ematen Txindoki atzean duela
Ermita kanpotik
Ermita 1
Ermita 2
Ermita 3
Ermita 4


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